Photos by Tucker Mitchell


May 2019

"Invited Dress" Rehearsal Screenshot

May 2020

"you were an accident like everything else"

At the brink of the end of the world, we see humanity in three stages: life/trying, death/stillness, and extinction.

Through a food coop in upstate New York, a taxidermy shop in rural Wisconsin, and the recording of a popular conspiracy podcast, You Don't Deserve To Die asks the question: "does humanity deserve saving from the end we've created for ourselves?"

Written by Anya Kopischke

Directed by Adam Coy


Brandon Bogenschutz
Zephyr Ciesar
Evan Crommett
Sharif Fahim
Kenny Hahn

Curtis Jackson
Dom Martello

Pascal Portney
Miller Pyke

Special Thanks To:

Nic Adams

H Conley

Gia Gonzales

Cora Katz

Sam Khazai

Simon Kopischke

Arden Levesque

Najee Macfarland

Laura and John Riddle

Kelly Stricland

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